Why K Cups Are Taking over the Coffee World

What are K cups and why are they so popular nowadays? Currently, a little more than a quarter of the households have single-serve brewing machines in the kitchen. And, almost half of the offices provide coffee for their employees with these brewers. Everywhere, you could find stores selling these small pods or capsules that contain different kinds of coffee flavors and brew. K cup pods or capsules are small containers consisting of a plastic cup, aluminum lid, filter and ground coffee. These pods are put in the machine and the brewer does its work, making a cup of coffee in an instant. Yes. It’s that simple. That’s what made this product so popular in the first place.

There are many different flavors of these popular capsules on sale and the number is getting higher and higher as manufacturers find newer and better ideas every year. From hazelnuts to blueberries to the classic espresso – almost any flavor you can think of. There’s even some for people who love spices. So it’s not hard to find the best k cups that would suit anyone’s taste. If you want, you can have French Vanilla in the morning to start your day, Marshmallow Mocha in the afternoon to keep you going the rest of your work hours, and then a relaxing cup of Creme Caramel at night after a hard day’s work. You can also have another espresso if you have to work or study overnight, to keep you from dozing off on top of your laptop. K cups are not just popular because of the different flavors you get in tiny cups. They’re also popular because of how convenient they are. Because of the compact sizes, they come with, one can carry some of their favorite flavors in their bags and brew them in their office or school when the company only provides one kind of the product.

It’s also very easy to store. Some single-serve brewing machines have built in storage drawers under the brewer itself for the purpose of keeping the k cups. But, not all the coffee makers have that. Yet, the tiny cups could fit in your drawers in the kitchen or even in your desk. These cute cups can be bought online, as well as in different store outlets. If you’re too lazy to get out of your chair and get some flavors from the store near you, there’s the internet that can do that job for you. Some people might find it a waste and sometimes bothersome to brew a big pot of coffee that they wouldn’t be able to finish in a day anyway. These k cups give you a solution to that. Since they come in single serve sizes, you only need to make the amount that you can consume. And this only takes a minute to make. These, and many others, re reasons why more and more people nowadays are drinking coffee from these k cups than ever before. And the business is even more gigantic than ever.