What Makes The 3-Piece Walker Edison Soreno Table A Popular One:

In most households the corners have either been kept vacant or have been used for decorative purposes. In fact by not using the corner space to full extent we are wasting a lot of space. But the types of collapsible and detachable furniture in use these days enable the house owner to maneuver the space in the house easily. To meet the space demands and offer a solution to effective space management the specially designed walker Edison three piece corner desks will prove to be very apt.

The slender bodied table with light and beautiful yet strong limbs comes with a sleek black glass top that makes it the furniture hard to miss for your office, home office or your study at home. The table is ideal to have a computer and has a lot of additional space associated to it that may entice almost every buyer looks into it. This versatile design and impeccable selection of material has put it at the highest position on any 3-piece corner desk review all over the web.

Let us see what makes this furniture so special;

First, being a detachable one the table can be used as a single long table, an L shaped or even two separate single tables. This flexibility offers the user to maximize the use of the table. Other utility feature of the table includes a built in tray for keyboard in case you use a desktop. The keyboard tray is of the sliding drawer type that can be slid to beneath the table top when not in use. A separate stand is dedicated to hold the CPU and that is virtually independent of the table setup. This table also comes with a beautiful black toughened glass table top with beveled edges all around. The toughening makes the glass extra safe against breaking and even if the glass breaks ever it will be formed into crystal with leaving zero chance of anyone being harmed.

Coming to the structural aspect of the table, it is made up of light steel sections that make the table look slender and sleek yet adequately strong t serve the intended purpose. Also the selection of light and thin sections also ensures more leg space and easy maneuverability of the table. The limbs may look little weak from the outside but in fact they are sturdy enough to take the load coming on it.

This ergonomically designed table stands at a height of 29” that makes almost everyone easy to work with. The 20” wide table top and 61” overall length gives reasonably lot of space to work on it. The paint quality is awesome since it is powder coated using the best of the technology and comes in excellent packing that prevents the table from any damage during shipping. The package also comes with an easy to follow installation guide that helps the user to set the table up for use very easily. These are the features make it a hot cake among the users and that is the reason the sales of this item has gone way up.