Waist Training Sizing: How to Choose the Right Cincher for You

Waist training is where you use a waist corset to reduce the natural size of the waist and accentuate its natural curves. In other words, the waist trainers are used by numbers of women who want to achieve an hourglass body shape fast.

However, not all women who have tried to use a cincher had a good result; some of them had suffered from acid reflux, the difficulty of breathing, numbness, and more. All of these are a result of choosing the wrong cincher for them.

If you plan to try waist training, you have to choose the right cincher; so, here are the top ways on how to choose the correct waist training cincher for your current body shape and size:

1.    You have to take the necessary measurements

The waist trainers come in different sizes and styles. Also, each is designed based on women’s taste and their comfort level; you may check it out at a reliable source like My Slim Shaper’s website.

To determine your body shape and size, here are some tips that can help you out:

•    Measure your underbust – The under bust is measured at the bra line.
•    Determine the size of your natural waist – It is measured at the waist part where you can bend from side to side; in most cases, it is one inch above your navel.
•    Determine the size of your upper hip – You can measure it where your hip bone is.
•    Determine the length of your torso – To determine the size of your torso, start the measurement from the bra line then extend the tape measure to the top of your thigh.

2.    Choosing your style and your size

The next step is to determine the right style and size of cincher. To help you out, here are some few tips that you need to remember:
•    If the size of your natural waist is under 38 inches, you have to select a waist cincher that is 4 to 7 inches smaller than the size of your natural waist; however, you also have to determine the level of comfort before you purchase it.
•    If the size of your natural waist turned 38 inches and over, you have to select a waist cincher with 7 to 10 inches smaller than the size of your natural waist.

3.    Choosing the right fabric

If you have determined the right size of the cincher, you may now choose what fabric would be the best for you. The cincher can be made from the following:
•    Latex – One of the most popular cincher types are those made from latex due to its durability and excellent compression abilities.
•    Cotton – Cotton-made cinchers are best if you are looking for a comfortable and durable waist trainer.
•    Satin – If you want something that is not too obvious while you wear the cincher underneath a dress, satin-made cinchers are the best choice.
•    Leather – Leather-made cinchers are best for fashion and style purposes.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing cinchers; but the most important thing to remember when trying out waist training, do not force yourself and choose what is best for you.