Top Rated Toilet Seat with a Child Seat built in

A toilet seat with a child seat attached is a convenient way to train young children how to potty instead of getting and extra potty seat. The following toilets seats are featured to prevent toddlers’ fingers from pinching. In this article, we feature the five-quality toilet seat with child seat that are highly recommended and rated.

Bathroom seats with child seat attached

Below are the top rated toilets seats with child seat built in. Continue reading to get the best for your bathroom.

  • Elongated toilet seat with child seat attached

This is a top rated toilet seat attributed with hinges, security pumpers under the seat to prevent pinching. The seat is constructed from hand-sanded stained with high gloss coating. The toddlers seat stays connected for increased safety. The seats are offered three years warranty, and they are available on online stores.

  • Round Princess toilet seat attached with Child Seat

To add fun to your bathroom, princess themed toilet seat with a child seat attached is what you need to get, this toilet seat with a child seat built in is made of durable wood and stained with high gloss paint. The potty seat stays attached with magnets and chrome hinges have a close slow feature as well. The set is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Delta Red Toilet seat with child seat attached

This one is a unique bathroom seat with a potty seat attached. It is sticks out from others with a safety evening light you don’t have to worry on how to clean it, because the connected toddler seat is removable for cleaning. Without forgetting, the seat likewise has a slow close featuring which help to prevent finger pinching. When buying you may also opt for the elongated variation or round variation.

  • Slow Closing Toilet Seat with child seat Built in

This is one-of-kind toilet with a potty seat features a detachable toddler seat and adult seat and cover made of molded wood. The potty seat is fitted firmly into the cover with magnet, and additionally the cover has pumpers to prevent finger pinching. We are also happy to announce to you that you can get this kind of toilet seat in an elongated and round variation.

Toddler Potty Training Toilet Seat

This unique toilet seat features a heart design designed shape cover and it’s easy to open and seat on, so don’t worry you kid can handle it well without help. The seat is made of durable plastic. The adult seat features a slow close, and the overlapping lid is designed to reduce airborne bacteria. There are also elongated variation options.


Parents with young children have repeatedly rated these toilets seats with toddler seat attached as the best. You have to agree that they save you a lot of money since you don’t have to purchase a new potty fir your child. In this article, we have highlighted five best toddler toilet seat attached to toilet seats, choose according to either your taste and the shape elongated or round variations.