Tips and Tricks of Brewing Coffee

Mmm, there is nothing as sweet as the taste of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Some people consider coffee as a must have, and you are lucky if you are one of these lucky people who can’t have a peaceful day without interacting with coffee in the morning. If you are one, then you will be pleased to read this article that shows other ways of brewing coffee. Let’s look at the different tips and tricks of brewing coffee, enjoy your next cup of coffee!

1. Decorating your own latte

It is just a matter of practicing then soon you will be decorating your own cup of coffee in a way you though only baristas can do. And you can do it better since unlike the barista who is under pressure with limited time, you have all the time in the world and no pressure.

The trick is to work with milk and make it frothy without big bubbles then pour in the cup at an angle.

2. Use good quality water

The water quality also matters when brewing coffee. Hard water has extra minerals that do not bond well with the brewing coffee leading to a weak coffee. Worst, hard water will cause a lime scale build up in your coffee maker.

Heavily filtered water can also cause other issues when you use it to brew coffee. But lightly filters water is perfect for coffee brewing. Also note that the best temperature of water to brew coffee is between 89 to 94 degrees centigrade.

3. Use fresh whole bean coffee

Keep off pre-ground coffee and buy fresh beans. Most coffee companies don’t mind the dates for when the beans were packaged so probably the beans were left there for months after picking. Fresh coffee is the best as it goes off pretty fast.

4. Mind the amount of coffee you are using

Measure your coffee out, figure out the ratios that will be strong and which ones will be weak and this way you can get a good coffee experience without making it too strong or too weak.

5. Pre-infusion

Ensure that you get rid of the carbon dioxide grounds or your brew will weaken. If you have a coffee machine, ensue it has a setting that can do this. At Coffee Break Essentials you will find many coffee machine reviews so you can check them out before deciding what to buy.

Coffee blooms are made by roasting where the heart causes carbon dioxide that is captured by the bean. They are found in many coffee shops. After roasting, the gases start discharging slowly. If you use roasted beans, your coffee will have more flavor than roasted and ground beans.

6. Flavored coffee

If you prefer your coffee to have different flavors, say some nutmeg, cinnamon, almond or vanilla extracts, then you should pour some of those extracts into the cream or milk. You can sprinkle over the coffee or you could even sprinkle the ground spices like cardamom.

For sweetened coffee, you can use maple syrup in the place of sugar.