Things You Should Look Out For When Shopping For A Dehumidifier

Different regions have different amounts of water vapor in the atmosphere. You probably know that there are areas with very high humidity while others have low humidity. You should understand that extreme humidity levels have very adverse effects on your health. A dehumidifier will come in handy for you, if you reside in a region that experiences high moisture levels in the atmosphere. Read this article to get some of the factors that will help you acquire the best dehumidifier in the market.

Size of dehumidifier

A dehumidifier size is measured by the amount of water vapor that it can extract from the atmosphere in a timeframe of 24 hours. It is advisable to purchase a dehumidifier that has a large sizer than you require. Small capacity dehumidifiers take long periods of time running continuously yet they are not able to reduce humidity to the correct levels. You can seek for professionals that can help with picking a bathroom dehumidifier.


You may want to purchase one that is light in weight if your objective is to use the dehumidifier from one place to another. You should also consider the architectural design of the place you want to use the dehumidifier on. If your area has walls in between, you will need a dehumidifier that is portable. Also, are you sharing the dehumidifier with a neighbor or friend living away from you? If this is the case you have no choice but to get a portable one.

Built-in humidistat

You should purchase a dehumidifier that has an inbuilt humidistat. You will realize that the humidistat automatically controls the humidity levels in a place. It also automatically powers the dehumidifier on/off in respect to the humidity setting and when the condensation tank is filled.

Storage tank capacity

Most dehumidifiers have tanks for storing the collected vapor. if your dehumidifier does not support continuous drainage you will be forced to empty the tank once it is full. You are therefore advised to go for a dehumidifier that has a large storage capacity if it is placed in an area where you cannot empty it regularly.

Automatic defrost

If you are going to use the dehumidifier in a place that has very low temperatures, you should purchase one that has an anti-frost sensor. This will help prevent frost accumulation on the sensor which will ensure that your machine is efficient and strong over a long period of time.

Washable air filter

Air filters help to trap dust and even some particles entering the dehumidifier. You have to regularly wash the filters on your dehumidifier for it to remain effective. It is advisable to purchase a dehumidifier that has a removable air filter. This will ease your work as you will only be required to remove the filter, use some soap and warm clean water to clean it and place it back to its position.

Continuous drainage

Dehumidifiers that have this system reduce the hassle involved in emptying your condensation tank. You only have to attach a hose pipe to the dehumidifier, and the collected water vapor will drain out through the hose pipe.