The Importance of Choosing a Good Office Chair to Use

There are countless benefits of using a good office chair. Aside from prevention of back strain, this also offers a good support that helps avoid discomfort and fatigue that can be experienced by a person who is seated for long hours. According to studies, the productivity of an employee depends on one’s level of comfort. If they are provided with a comfortable chair, they will have lesser numbers of breaks than those who experience discomfort seated.

The best way to know if the chair is comfortable to use is to try it. Allow your employees to try them before you decide to purchase them. Many companies are willing to send various types of chairs to your office so you can choose the ideal type for you. Make the most of such offer and try these fixtures first before buying them. Here are some of the things you need to check when looking for the best chair to buy:

  • An adjustable backrest that contours well to the shape of your spine. Look for a chair that offers a good support to your lower back’s curve too.
  • The chair must allow your feet to rest flat on the floor. If it does not, it must have an adjustment that allows you to modify its height or at least must have a footrest for the user to use.
  • Your shoulder needs to be relaxed while seated with the arm rest close to your body.
  • A chair with adjustable height is most preferable so you can set it to match the height of your table, otherwise you may end up with strained shoulders.
  • While seated, you must be able to have a good view of the computer and your sight must be at the center of your PC when looking forward.
  • Adequate support must be provided, so choose a chair that allows you to rest your back comfortably.
  • The seat has to be long enough, allowing you to still be able to insert 2-3 finger lengths in between the chair and your knee.
  • A chair with a memory foam cushion is most preferable. Other types of cushions may wear out easily and can be very uncomfortable to use.

If you want your employee to be happy and productive at the same time, provide them with a good office chair. Failing on this aspect runs the risk of having unproductive employees who are always absent due to back injuries and sickness.

It also helps to orient your employees how to sit correctly on the chair to prevent strain and discomfort. Here are some guidelines on the correct sitting posture:

  • Position your hips as far as possible in the chair.
  • Make sure that the chair’s height is enough to allow the employee to put one’s feet flat on the floor. The person’s knee must be slightly lower than his hips.
  • The back of the chair must also be adjusted to a recline angle which is 100°-110°.
  • The armrest must be adjusted well so the shoulders can relax.

Lastly, to know more on how to choose a chair for your employees, it helps to check out this review.