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Allergies are extreme reactions in the immune system which leads to run the defense mechanism in our body, as opposed to potentially dangerous substances from the immediate surroundings with which we come in contact – pollen, animal hair, insect sting, food, etc… It is interesting that the allergic reaction can cause anything, and the intensity of the allergies may vary from those annoying to those dangerous to life. To you at least a little help in the detection and protection from allergies already mentioned, in the overtime period, we created a small list of symptoms allergic reactions that usually occur.


Exposure to pollen from trees, flowers and grass can start to hay fever or seasonal allergies. The most obvious symptoms of this type of allergy (also known as hay fever) are: continuous sneeze, snotty nose, blockage of nosnih cavity and running eyes. Medical solution: antibiotics and specifically designed anti allergic cocktail with more types of drugs. Even better solution would be to time extremely wind days, when the concentration of pollen in the air higher than otherwise, stay at home, close windows and turn on air-condition, if you have one.

Animal fur

Proteins that Luce thyroid glands in the skin of animals and those who are in their mouth can also be the cause of allergic reaction in some people. However, allergies should not immediately appear, but it can slow to develop over a longer period of time, even up to two years, and to fully disappeared symptoms come only months after the interruption of contact with animals. If the initiator of your pet allergy, a solution would be to prevent access to the bedroom, avoid carpets in the apartment and regularly bathe friend. Also, you can be of great help and daily intake room.

Insect sting

People who are allergic to insect sting or bite can have serious problems; even their life may be endangered. Symptoms of allergic reactions to insect sting: a large swelling or redness around the place of stitches (bites), which may take one week, even longer, nausea, fatigue and fever. In some cases, stitches may have more severe consequences, causing epileptic seizure accompanied by difficulties in breathing, rash, and tumefaction parts of persons, throat or mouth, as well as increased pulse, faint or sudden fall of blood pressure. People who are allergic to ask for help doctors predict when strong reaction. In such situations apply anti allergic drugs and injections (dekstazon, epinefrin, bedoksin ) immediately after the bite, in order to prevent serious consequences.