Offsetting the Damage Done by Prolonged Sitting

When the medical research results pertaining to the dangers of sitting down first promulgated on the Internet, people refused to take it factually. After all, how can something that people do several hours a day, with the intent of resting and making it easier to work in the office, be something that is detrimental to health? In fact, considerably so that it’s touted to be just as dangerous as smoking.


Eventually, people realized that it’s not a joke. And that sitting is a much bigger danger than lifting weights in the gym. Even with proper form. The problem, really, is that sitting has already become an integral aspect of modern society. It’s hard to imagine not sitting in the workplace. What are employees supposed to do? Stand up for their entire shift? Well, ideally, yes. But that would be asking too much-considering nobody will actually do it. This is why standing tables in modern offices, offices that acknowledge the danger of prolonged sitting, are adjustable. It’s healthier to stand up while working but is obviously not sustainable.


Since standing up for the entire shift is not a practical and doable approach, employees in a corporate office and even freelancers who spend hours in front of their desks at home should employ other means. Exercising is a given. In a perfect world, every single person would be doing regular exercises for the sake of their overall health. But since this isn’t a fairy tale, and asking someone to exercise and expect their follow-through is hit or miss, it’s much better to resort to something that can be effortlessly integrated into an individual’s lifestyle.


Using massagers is sure to make up for the lack of exercising. Back massagers provide so much benefit that it might be a good idea to cancel regular visits to a massage therapist. A word of caution, however, back massagers are good enough on their own, but standing up from time to time during work hours can optimize the effect. Check out the best options over at sites like and other similar reliable ones.


One good choice for a back massager would be foam roller types. Foam rollers are popular with runners and even weightlifters. It’s easy to put pressure on problem areas due to the bodyweight pressing down on it. In contrast to hand massagers where the manual pressure is required, foam rollers provide a great back massage when used properly.


Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with the thought of writhing and rolling on the floor with a foam-coated tube. Sure, it’s a petty complaint. But why settle when there’s actually a way to treat the negative effects of sitting while being in a relaxing state. Massage chairs are able to provide a luxurious experience after a long day at work. And while it’s easy to see why anyone would react to the thought of a type of chair as a counteracting means to problems caused by sitting, it should be said that massage chairs provide an entirely different experience due to its amazing distribution of weight.