Lifestyle – 10 recommendations for healthy use of cell phone

Cell phones are used every day by millions of people worldwide, and all of them are cooking their brain every time they talk with someone on the phone. Here are some recommended tips you should use if you want to have less problems with your health. The first recommendation is to use mobile phone does not allow children younger than 12 years, except in emergency cases, because the authorities in the development sensitive to electromagnetic waves. Today, however, 18 percent of school children own a mobile phone.

Another recommendation is that the phone is held in more than one meter away from the body because it reduces the amplitude magnetic fields 50 times the distance of one meter. The third recommendation is that the distance from a person who discussed the mobile phone is more than one meter, so that avoids the use of the device in public transport where other people in the vicinity of passive be subject to the influence of electromagnetic waves. The fourth recommendation is to avoid carrying mobile phones close to the body and the mobile does not hold the night in nearby beds. We recommend that in cases when the sea to carry a mobile phone antenna is directed from the body.

The sixth recommendation is that through the mobile short talk, and the seventh is in talks to regularly change your ear to the holding device and that it is not approaching ear until the person does not lift the handset. Eight recommendations is to avoid using a mobile signal is weak or when a quick movement, for example, a car or train. Nine recommendation is that you more resort to the use of SMS messages to communicate, because in this way will reduce the time duration of exposure electromagnetic waves close to the device in relation to the body. Tenth recommendation is to choose the device from electromagnetic waves that at least rent in the organism, which can be done in consultation with the operator or reviewing the list of comparative levels of electromagnetic waves that broadcast different models of the device.