Great Advice for Beginner Triathletes

Triathletes are one of the most competitive people because they are not afraid to overcome the obstacles and hardship that the multi-stage competition gives them. Competing in a triathlon is not something you can just take for granted. You would need to be good at three different sports which are swimming, cycling and running.


Running a marathon or going cross-country cycling, and even swimming laps in the pool are nothing compared to the half-mile swim, more than a 12-mile bike and the 3-mile run that wraps up the race (and that’s even the shortest distance). But, it’s not impossible to finish first in a triathlon even if you are a beginner. As long as you follow the right training guide, be diligent with your workouts, and prepare your mind and body then you would be able to claim the victory. Here are some helpful advice from pro triathletes to help beginners keep up with the competition.


Advice 1: Take it slow.


Even if the competition is about getting to the finish line with the least amount of time, you do not have to train like a sprinter. The key point in winning is endurance. So, when you train, you would need to work on improving your stamina, endurance, and strength. Also, start practicing short distances to test your capability then work on longer distances while you improve your weaknesses. Always remember that ‘Slow and steady wins the race’.


Advice 2: Know the rules.


There are a lot of rules and regulations in a triathlon. You should know where to place your gear and bike, the type of suits, safety and many more. These rules are important if you would want to stay in the race and also for you to be able to join other races in the future.


Advice 3: Train for the transitions.


Your physical training would all go to waste if you do not train well for the training. Some pros say that there are actually three sports in a triathlon – swimming, cycling, running and transition. The transition between two sports is crucial since it would make a difference if you cannot adjust from one sport to another well. Injuries usually happen because of the legs or the whole body, in general, is not prepared for the next course. Also, you would need to practice changing from one suit to another.


Advice 4: Get the right gear.


You would need to choose the least yet the most important things to bring with you during the long race. Most pros recommend using a tri suit that you can wear for all the stages instead of getting separate suits for swimming, cycling and running. This would help limit your transition time, too. Choose the best triathlon bag, kit, and safety gear so they won’t hinder you from getting to the finish line. Prepare all the other things you would be needing like goggles, sunglasses, water bottle, watch, and towel.


Advice 5: Have fun.


Do not stress yourself about winning the race at first. Just enjoy the training and the benefits the sport gives you. This would keep your mind at peace and allow you to think clearer during the race itself.