Factors To Scrutinize When Buying A Pressure Washer

Recently I moved I a new house and I needed to clean all the corners thoroughly before the moving truck arrived with my items. So I walked in a store and hurriedly bought a pressure washer which turned out to be a great disappointment. After spending all that money, the pressure washer was drilling holes on the wooden surfaces and washing the concrete away so I had to stop the cleaning and boom, the movers arrived and I had to clean later, with a full house. I don’t blame the store, or the washer, it was all my fault because I bought the wrong pressure washer.  So here I am to help you know what things you should look for before buying a pressure washer. Mark you; there are affordable pressure washer options so apart from affordability, look out for the following factors:

1. Gas vs. Electric

Electric and gas pressure washers differ in how they pressurize water. The difference comes with their speed and strength. The gas powered pressure washer is usually louder and it produces more power, just like any other gas items. The electric pressure washer on the other hand is quieter but it has less power. The electric pressure washer is good for cleaning smaller areas while the gas pressure washer is good at cleaning bigger surfaces like driveways, homes and decks.

2. Warranty

There are a number of warranties out there. You need to read the fine print so that you know the details of the warranty. Don’t base on the duration of the warranty so much, that is not the key issue. Know what the warranty covers; does it only the frame or the engine and pump too? If it covers the engine and the pump, then that’s a plus.

3. Hot Water vs. Cold Water

Cold pressure washer, which are found in most stores, are less complicated as compared to hot pressure washers. The cold water pressure washers are more portable as well.  Cold pressure washers rely more on the pressure while hot water pressure washers can clean much better primary because of the hot water.  They are also faster cleaners and use less soap.  Another advantage is they sanitize better than cold water. Hot water pressure washers are ideal for industrial use.  If you want to use your washer at home, you should buy a cold water pressure washer, unless there is  a meat locker at home and you need to clean it out regularly.

4. Power

Pressure washers indicate their facts in two ways, some indicate in three ways. Gallons per minute (GPM) and pounds per square inch (PSI) and It’s hard to tell which washer is better if you don’t find the third stat; the Cleaning Units (CU).  The CU is great at testing which washer is truly better.  If you don’t see the CU posted about the washer, you can still figure out by simply multiplying the PSI by the GPM.

Remember to also buy a pressure washer that you can move easily, I don’t remember the last time I moved mine from the yard, it is so heavy and the wheels don’t seem to help. Don’t make a mistake like mine.