Everything About Sitting Posture


The human body is composed of several types of bones connected by joints to ensure that it is strong and stable enough to take several positions like sitting and standing. However, no matter how strong a person’s set of bones is, such will still be prone to pain and other illnesses like scoliosis. One of the most common contributors for such incidents is improper posture. As an overview, posture is basically defined as the position at which a person holds his or her body.


Proper posture during sitting is one of the main causes of neck, shoulder, and back pain. That is due to the fact that such areas are the ones that receive too much pressure when the person sits. According to some research conducted, improper sitting posture also predisposes an individual to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. With such in regard, people should have a good understanding of proper sitting posture. A common mistake that people believe is that proper sitting posture is actually sitting up straight. In reality, the back should actually maintain the natural “S’ shape of the spine. Thus, the back should be straight while the lower back should be positioned a little inwards than the buttocks.


Additionally, the feet should be positioned flat on the floor. Similarly, the knees should be bending in a relaxed and perpendicular manner. Through such, the weight or pressure in the hips will be reduced. Similarly, there will be proper blood flow in the thighs. In order to maintain such posture (especially when sitting long hours in the office), people should consider several recommendations. One is to make sure that when they are working with computers, the computer screen should be at eye level. The distance of the monitor should also be almost an arm’s length away. Meaning, the monitor should be at the end of the arm when such is extended on the table.


The keyboards, on the other hand, should be placed in front of the monitor. Thus, when using laptops, it is advisable to use an external keyboard. The keyboard should be placed from four to six inches away from the edge of the table so that the wrists and the arms can rest properly. People who spend most their day sitting should also consider taking short breaks. They should find time to at least stand up and stretch even for just one minute every one or two hours. Such will prevent muscle fatigue and decrease blood flow. In addition, to help improve a person’s sitting position, he or she should consider buying the best office chairs being sold in the market.


Specially designed office chairs generally have adjustable parts. Such include the backrest, height, and armrests. With such parts, individuals will be able to adjust the chair in a way that they can sit with proper posture no matter how tall or short they are. The good thing is that people can already find a lot of designs and brands of ergonomic or office chairs. However, such also is a problem because not all brands have good quality. Thus, people should always find time to read reviews and check ratings.