Elliptical Parts that You Should Know

There are various models and types of ellipticals which have been designed so as to satisfy the demands in the market. You should note that there are some elliptical that are designed specifically for commercial places such as local gym. You should consider getting an elliptical for when your space is limited so that you can lose weight or tone your muscles conveniently at your home. It is advisable that you have some knowledge of how these machines function and the components used in making them so that you get the optimum benefits when using them. This article will help you learn the main components of an elliptical.


This component functions as the drive system for an elliptical. The flywheel gets into motion when some pressure is applied to the pedals. You should note the flywheel also controls the resistance levels of the elliptical. The efficiency of the flywheel determines the durability of the elliptical. Flywheel weights will vary from 13 to 35 pounds depending on the type of brand that you get.

Electronic System

The electronic system of an elliptical consists of any feature that operates while the machine is plugged into a power source. It is very important that you know about these features because the warranty of the elliptical comes into play with the electric system. Some brands offer 1 year labor and parts warranty, but if you read keenly this might exclude the electronic system.

Deck and Rollers

Do you hear squeaks from your elliptical but you have no idea where they are coming from? You should have a look at the wheels and rails. This is a very simple problem which you can fix with help of a lubricant such as grease. The actual deck of the machine has been designed with a set of rollers which provide the user with comfort that is desired. When you consider buying an elliptical, you should be keen on the stride length that it offers. This is the length of the rollers from the front of the deck to its back. It is also the distance made by the movement of pedals during a single elliptical motion. Make sure that you get an elliptical which has a stride length that is convenient to you.

Foot Pedals

This is among the most important component in an elliptical. You should have a look at the design of the pedals before you buy the elliptical. You might get some back issues and even shin splints if you use an elliptical that does not have comfortable features. You should have a look at the design, size, and the cushioning of the pedals. The top brands of elliptical offer cushioning that also includes treads that will keep the feet placed on the pedals firmly. There are some ellipticals which have foot pedals that inclines slightly inward so as to enhance on the comfort of the user. You should note that there are ellipticals which have inclined pedals relieves the pressure that acts on the knees by allowing an efficient movement of the ankles.