Different Ways to Improve the Shower Area

Taking a shower is as ubiquitous as sipping a cup of coffee to prepare for the long day ahead. In fact, considering that not everyone drinks coffee, showering is more common of a wake-up jolt than caffeine. However, some households are unable to fully enjoy the pleasures of taking a shower due to some shortcomings in bathroom designs. Whether it’s a morning bath or one taken before tucking in for the night, shower areas should provide not just the means to wash off dirt and oil, but also the feeling of comfort and luxury. It must be said, however, that improving the shower area will require spending money. But it’s all worth it – as long as it’s done properly. Here are some of the best ways to optimize the shower area and subsequently optimize shower experience.

  1. Buy a reliable shower panel.

Showers that only feature two knobs, both being controls for regulating temperature, are severely lacking. This may be fine for anyone who wants to keep their shower experience boring. But for people who want to get the best out of their showers, going for shower panels that have options for sprays, including fine mists and massage jets is a must. These features might sound merely novelties, but they are actually quite useful. This is hard to appreciate for those who haven’t actually tried them out. Taking a misty bath before going to sleep, for example, is quite a zen experience.

  1. Use glass as interior walls.

Showers should’t feel like taking a bath in a prison cell. A visually closed shower space will feel rather cramped. Large mansions can afford to use thick walls, considering that their bathrooms are already the size of a middle-class family’s living room. But for middle-class families who only have the usual bathroom space, utilizing glass to improve the illusion of space is important. Textured or tinted glass also works fine, in case someone in the house really needs to brush their teeth and use the lavatory while someone is still showering. But clear glass wall is still the best option in terms of creating the illusion of space.

  1. Ditch the suction cupped soap and shampoo holders.

Well, at least not until the family can afford to renovate the bathroom and add a useful recessed niche to use as storage. There are two primary benefits of using a recessed niche as storage instead of the conventional suction cupped ones bought at the local store. First, it saves a lot of space as anyone using the shower area doesn’t have to keep avoiding a holder on the wall. Second, it looks gorgeous as a storage space. It’s not advisable, however, to have a recessed niche on a wall where the other side is the outside. It reduces the wall’s insulation during cold months.

Being meticulous in choosing a contractor is important when renovating. It’s also important to be picky in buying a shower panel. To choose the best one for the shower area, find great reviews and click here to read more.