Comfortable Earplugs That Are Worth Buying

Playing a musical instrument with or without a band exposes the eardrums to a high level of noise or sound. Such can pose dangers to the ears and may cause hearing loss when done frequently. However, musicians have no choice because music playing is their source of living. The good news is that there are already earplugs that are intended for musicians.


It is a known fact that earplugs have been invented to prevent any foreign bodies from entering the ears. They are also useful in blocking loud noises or sounds. Earplugs for musicians have been designed in a way that they block sounds at a certain level. Through such, the musician will still be able to hear his or her music so that he or she can still play properly. With that in regard, below are two of the most comfortable earplugs that can be used by musicians.


The Ear Peace High Fidelity Hearing Protection is an easy-to-wear and -remove, transparent earplug that comes in two sizes namely standard and large. It is made with hypoallergenic and washable silicone materials. The good thing about it is that it comes with an aluminum case to ensure that the product is protected from dirt, dust, and others when it is not being used. In addition, it also comes with four stalk extenders and two neck cords.


With two types of filters present, it has a high level of Noise Reduction Ratio, which is from 23 decibels to 29 decibels. Hence, it can be used during live music programs like concerts and festivals. This product is also recommended to be worn during sports events, as well as at times when gardening and constructions machines are being used.


Another product that is known for the comfort it gives to the user is the Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Earplugs. Its best feature is that it has three sound filters that can be interchanged. They are for high, medium, and low sound protection purposes. Hence, it is not just for musicians, but also for motorists, clubbers, and water sports buffs.


It is made from a thermoplastic material that is durable, flexible, and soft. When bought, it comes with a shock-resistant, aluminum-made travel box. Such has a ring on the edge of its cover wherein users can attach their keys or can also be used for it to be attached to one’s belt, purse, or guitar bag. With that in regard, the product is protected from any environmental factors that can make the product unhygienic for usage.

Conclusion: When you look at these top earplugs for musicians, it can be said that both have been manufactured in a way that people can still clearly hear people who are conversing with them. Likewise, musicians will still be able to hear the music they are playing to an extent that it will not damage their eardrums. Both of which are also very hygienic when used with proper care. Also, musicians will never forget to bring the products with them during their travels since they both have a ring for attachment.