Buying the Right Booster Car Seat

Child safety seats have been around for several years and have been responsible for saving a lot of children from injuries and death due to car crashes and/or accidents. A majority of developed countries have laws that require the use of such when children ride a car. As an overview, child car seats come in different sizes and types in order to meet the size and age of the child. Booster seats, in general, are the ones that replace the child-restraint and forward-facing children’s seat. It is the one that is recommended for children who are at least four years old and 40 pounds in weight.


Booster car seats are capable of raising the child up in the car so that the seat belt can be securely placed to protect the child. Basically, the seat belt should be located over the child’s sternum, collarbone’s center, and thighs. Parents should remember that before switching to using a booster seat they should make sure that the child meets the weight requirement. Meaning, even though the child is still below four years old, if the weight minimum weight is already met, they should already consider switching. As another note to consider, parents should also remember that booster seats come in two types.


The backless booster seat, as the name implies, do not have a backrest. Thus, parents should carefully look into their safety features before buying a certain brand or product. The recommended brands are the ones that have a clip that will help secure the shoulder belt in its right place. Although this type of booster seats is more affordable, they have some of the best lap belt placements. The other kind namely high-back booster seat is better when it comes to proper shoulder belt positioning. Apart from considering the type of booster seat to buy, parents should also make sure that they choose a booster seat that properly fits their child.


With such in regard, parents should test out the unit before even buying it. The good news is that many stores and companies allow such and have designated testing areas so that parents can check the proper fitting. In order to determine if the booster seat has the proper fit, parents should make sure that the placements of the shoulder and lap belts mentioned above are observed. Additionally, buyers should also look into their cars before buying a booster seat. Cars have different child safety and seat belt features. Thus, buyers should look into such so that the booster seat that they will buy can match the features of the car. Additionally, purchasers should remember that not all expensive booster seats are the best. Such will depend on their child’s need, as well as the car’s features.


Further, buyers are also recommended to read reviews, testimonials, and ratings about the product that they are about to buy. Such will help them recognize the different advantages and disadvantages of buying such. People who want to look into different booster seats can see the best booster car seats at