Benefits of Playing the Piano

There is always that one person who is into playing musical instruments in the family. But for parents, it is very important that aside from playing and focusing on academics, they should also engage their children to play musical instruments because there are several benefits people will get doing so.

This article will talk more about 17 reasons why you should take up the piano. These are proven by people who are experts in the field.

1. IQ is improved

There was a study conducted by people who wanted to learn more about the correlation between learning how to play a musical instrument with the development of a child’s IQ. Indeed in their study, the experts have proven that those children who were taught how to play the piano have significantly improved their IQ.

2. Improved Learning Ability

When children play the piano, not only that their IQ is improved, but it also helps shape up one’s brain and improve their learning ability which makes it easier for children to pick up and store knowledge.

3. Help Improve Academic Performance

The fact that it helps children develop their IQ and learning ability, the combination of the two surely leads to these children also excelling in their academics.

4. Language Skills Enhancement

The process of learning also involves listening carefully to a person giving a lesson along with reading texts. Since learning how to play the piano also means having to exercise one’s listening skills, it also helps children pick up sounds and words easily; thus, improving their language skills.

5. Self-esteem Boost

People have to admit that playing the piano is definitely not an easy task. Basically, the piano teacher and family members really give their attention to those who play the piano and they give praises which helps boost the self-esteem of children.

6. Become more Social

Based on a study, children who have a difficulty communicating with other people socially have improved their social skills after learning how to play musical instruments.

7. Creativity is Improved

A part of the brain which is responsible for one’s creativity is extremely active when people are engaged in any musical-related activities; thus, boosting the creativity of children as well.

8. Math Skills is Improved

When one is playing the piano, their imagination or the way they visualize things in their head is improved. This is associated with the ability to solve mysteries and puzzles, which is also connected with Math.

9. Reading Skills is Improved

Getting involved in playing the piano for a few years is known to have improved children’s reading skills because their vocabulary and verbal sequencing was also improved.

10. Reduces Screen Time

Playing the piano is one of the best distractions for children who are fond of tablets, laptops, computers, or cellphones.

11. Relieve Stress

When people are stressed, one way to combat it is to look for an outlet for the stress. It could be singing, or playing the piano for some people.

12. Mood is Improved

Because people can release their emotions while they play the piano, it has also been linked to having an improved mood.

13. Improved Memory

Because playing the piano also means improving one’s learning abilities and IQ, it can also improve children’s memory.

14. Decision-making

People who play the piano based on several studies are good in decision-making because they are quicker to make connections with things in which making a decision is easier and quicker.

15. Improved Mental Processes

They are known to be more focused, good in thinking before making an action and can face unexpected situations well.

16. Hand-eye Coordination is Improved

It does not only involve the ears, but it also involves the player’s hand and eye when it comes to pressing the keys and hitting the right notes.

17. Body is Strengthen

Arms and the muscles in one’s upper body is exercised when playing the piano.