An Inquiring Look Into Fancy Fast Food

We all know what types of food fast food restaurants serve. But lately, these establishments are trying to create meals with a bit more class. Perhaps this is to answer to the growing demands of people who now have more sophisticated tastes. This gave birth to fancy fast food.


Pasta dishes were among the first to become reinvented as fancy menu items in fast food restaurants. While the standard spaghetti with meat sauce or mac and cheese used to be the primary presentation of pasta in diners and fast food chains, today many other choices are available. For example, one fast food chain known primarily for pizza is now serving oven-baked pasta with meaty marinara. It now also has Pasta Alfredo in its menu. Both are a far cry from the familiar spaghetti and meatballs entre.

New Menu Items in Fast Food Restaurants

Some fast food restaurants have just gone right ahead to put some fine dining items on their menu. For example, chicken a la king became fast food item years ago along with lasagna and a host of other recipes. Many fast food places, referred to as QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) in the industry are beginning to put new, fancy options on their menus. In a restaurant at a large, world famous theme park, these options include flatbreads topped with bacon and fennel. Together with the standard burger in a bun they now have pastrami and beef Angus burger topped with arugula.

One restaurant now serves flatbread with pesto, artichokes, mozzarella, ricotta salata and Pecorino Romano cheeses which are sharp cheeses made from sheep’s milk. Customers are also treated to the sight of seeing bread pulled from the oven. Other eating places once devoted to hot dogs and similar items now serve pitas, salads, and kabobs – healthier, Mediterranean inspired foods. Another fast food restaurant now sports Tahitian decor and serves dishes like tamarind-glazed pork shanks.

From Plain to Fancy

The change from plain to fancy fast food is partly attributed to the struggle of restaurants to capture new markets and revitalize interest in their establishments. Most fast food places saw a downtrend in their sales due to the economy and they wanted to arrest this by offering fancier items. As a result, new ingredients were introduced and the whole orientation of some eateries shifted to the preparation of food that would cater to adults and yuppies.

Moreover, these fast food restaurants now use restaurant software to streamline their processes. Now, they’re better able to order and purchase supplies and ingredients while keeping control of their budget. Hence, they’re in a better position to serve quality food items.

The Future for Fancy

Many of the restaurants that incorporated new, fancy items into their menus seem to be doing well. Some have even invested in major makeovers so that even their outlets look more upscale. They have not discarded their regular burgers and fast food staples but they have added and will probably add more dishes that will appeal to more discriminating tastes. Consumers should expect similar revisions in other quick service restaurants because fancy fast food seems to be the trend.