2018 Must-Have Equipment for Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Job

Searching for the leading band saw in the market is somehow tricky; you have to consider the features of the tool, performance, and cost before investing in one brand. Most importantly, you have to identify whether a particular band saw suits your preferences and needs with your job. In this manner, you won’t experience regrets and mistakes such as purchasing a poor quality band saw.

Among the countless band saw names in the market this year, there is one brand that excels in both performance and quality – the Chicago Electric Power Tools portable band saw.

The Chicago Electric Power Tools is a well-established name of efficient equipment when it comes to heavy-duty tasks such as metal or wood cutting.

Now, the question is what makes this band saw a great addition to your tools?

For sure, you’ll want to read this before getting that Chicago Electric bandsaw . Here is what you must know about this item.

Product Build

When talking about product build, you will never be disappointed with Chicago Electric band saw. This tool has decent aesthetics and wonderful construction. It is highly durable yet remains lightweight which makes it the best option for the prolonged metal cutting job. Chicago electric band saw is also small in size for easy storage and transport.

Cutting Performance

One of the most important aspect when choosing a band saw is the equipment’s power – the higher power that a band saw has, the heavier cutting task it can accomplish.
For a small-sized band saw, Chicago Electric power tools band saw performs excellently. Despite its smaller size, this item is one of the most powerful saw in the market. It has a cutting speed ranging from 230 feet per minute. In addition, this tool features speed control which allows you to select the appropriate cutting speed from 0 to 230 feet per second.


The common issue that most customers complain in larger band saw is the difficulty in storage and transport. Of course, it is hard to move a heavy and large band saw from one place to another. For this reason, people are searching for an ergonomic electronic bad saw that is extremely portable and easy to control like Chicago Electric band saw.
This item only weighs less than 15 pounds which is lighter compared to other brands. Also, the smaller build of this product makes it easier to keep and transport in various locations. Hence, this type of band saw is ideal for individuals working on-site locations.


Although Chicago Electric band saw has a high satisfaction rating, this product is also very affordable. In fact, it is one of the cheapest options out there for you. If you are searching for a wonderful equipment but in affordable price, check this product first.
Handpicking a band saw is confusing at first. The good news is there are reliable sources on the web that can guide you on your search.

Are you interested to learn more about Chicago Electric Power tools portable band saw?

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